Experiencing Latin from the Corner Pastry Shop — Table of Contents

A playful look at Classical Latin for the the language skeptics and aficionados alike

Michael "Mick" Bisignani


Italian Pastries ? Classical Latin. One must ask what is the connection? Does Rome Italy have anything to do with it ? Well Yes, and no as you will learn.

The idea of “Pastry Shop Latin” project was inspired by a casual trip to my local library where I stumbled upon Professor Jon Stone’s book — “Latin for the Illiterati” [1]. This is a small little book packed with several hundred expressions culled from Classical Latin, and which unsurprisingly survive today in our English language. While some expressions are recognizable , others are more esoteric and less commonly used. For example words like : “et cetera” and “carpe diem”. One thing is for sure. You might see this as an opportunity to expand language foundation and have fun at your next friendly bar outing.

My project idea is simple. Page by page, select a few words and then , using a stream of consciousness approach, write about random and not so random thoughts and associations that my mind connect to them . My reactions and emotions can be triggered on past life experience including work, education, politics, society, life in general and ,my favorites, love and the more spiritual space. Therefore as we journey together through this process of mental association with spontaneity , we are likely to connect ideas and thoughts that might seem unrelated. Never know what you are gonna get or where we end up once which enter this rabbit hole.

Dear readers, I will use this page as a table of content to link to each installment as it is published.

Feedback is welcome. Enjoy this playful ride.

Table of contents / Published Articles

  1. Project Introduction : Letting the mind wander while reading a few expressions from the not so dead language” of classical Latin


2. How Latin leads to remembering the Scorese wiseguy classic “Goodfellas

https://micksterct.medium.com/experiencing-latin-from-the-corner-pastry-shop -installment-ii-64486b411c58

3. To Hell and Back. How Latin taught me about Black Metal Music.


4. A playful toss up between Christian and Secular thoughts https://micksterct.medium.com/experiencing-latin-from-the-corner-pastry-shop-installment-iv-659c97ecc491

5. Stay tuned


[1] Jon R Stone: “Latin for the Illiterati: A Modern Guide to an Ancient Language 2nd Edition



Michael "Mick" Bisignani

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