Christian Life: Never too late for a reset

Changing the way of how we think about our relationships with others

Michael "Mick" Bisignani


Inspired by Daily readings on Sunday 24, 2023

Today’s mass included two great reminders of how we, as children of God, are often caught in our human ways and, more often than not, interpret and react to others, their deeds, their successes through our limited, earthly minds. We forget that God, thinks, acts, dispenses love and Grace according to a logic, a plan and a will , that is entirely different ours.

The first reading today, taken from the book of Isaiah, highlights this fact very clearly. [1]

For my thoughts are not your thoughts,

nor are your ways my ways — oracle of the LORD

Isaiah Chapter 55:8

These verses prepare for the wonderful parable of the hired laborers and the vineyard. [2] God dispenses grace, love, and mercy according to his ways, and generosity that is entirely His. In this system of measurement, there is no calculus for Mercy and Grace. It is dispensed, in a consistently uniform and unconditional manner. God does not count the number of hours worked. No, in God’s heart, there is no calculation. There is no exchange of value. There is only divine Love that is gifted. But when we read the parable, we are tempted to look at it through our human lens. And when we do so, it is envy , this awful example of sin, that drives our analyis and comprehension. We , just as the laborers in the tale, measure and interpret God’s act as an exchange of value. And as such , we invoke notions of fairness. We invoke notions of common sense idea of proportional pay for hours worked. We feel righteous when we do so, unscathed, assuming, thinking that there is nothing wrong with our logic. But there is. It lacks the basic concept of unconditionality.

Just imagine if Mary, the Mother of God, had stepped back and calculated whether to accept or reject the ask of angel Gabriel. [3]

Mary said, “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word.” Then the angel departed from her.

Our Christian salvific history would have been rewritten . Instead Mary, unconditionally accepts her role for humanity and ensures the a path towards salvation , according to the scriptures.



Michael "Mick" Bisignani

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